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Review of "loneliest in the morning"

Hey y'all :-)  I thought that some of you guys would find this of
interest...I got the new A.P.(alternative press) today(cover of 25 most
anticipated cds of 98) and so it has a review of Julie Doirons latest
album, oh and the reviwer gave it a 4 out of 5 fingers.

	For anyone who noticed that Julie Doiron's songs were always her
former band Eric's Trip most compelling, "loneliest" should bring a
welcome dose of open lyrics and songcraft.  Amid the recent
LilithFestering stumble to trumpet women's "natural" qualities, the
definitive hip-mama album begs to be delivered.  Doiron almost achieves
this by making thoughtful pop sense of things like attending to read the
mind of her infant (or is it an old band mate?): "What can I do to make
this change?" she asks (to motherhood? to being in a band? to the next
chord?).  Spare and hunting backing tracks (played on a Wurlitzer and
Mellotron) and live room space conjure the beauty pathos of 3p.m. 
Canadian sunsets and public-radio dispatches over vast expanses. 
Doiron's folkie setup is often bolstered by instinctive pop choices that
rescue each phrase.  In an accompanying journal-style promo sheet, Doiron
muses on forming a real band.  Though it's lovely as is, "loneliest could
benefit from a fuller production. (SUB POP)-Laura Sinagra

The Sneakily Singing and Somewhat Silly Son Of Scetchie