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Re: Sloan waning etc.

cowbell\!/atcon.com wrote:

> I think that if Sloan made it, like the Spice Girls, you would be
> criticizing them for a whole new bunch of reasons.

You're forgetting the point. Which is not that "I am so hurt that they
haven't put out another album for ME yet, how rude!". I'm posing the
thought that maybe a more of their fans are getting turned off the
hype that they once had - just 'cause of the lull. You've seen how
pissed off people get on this newsgroup when sloan doesn't tour their
town or near them. Same thing. The point being, maybe there are enough
people losing interest that it will prevent them from gaining more
attention. Sure they'd still put a good album, but if fans forget about
them who will buy it?

> Is your point that, due to the amount of time that has elapsed between OCTA
> and the new Sloan album (a year and a half) they are basically out of the
> running, at least in your books? Had they released an album a year after
> their last one, say last July, would they still be one of your favorites?
> No band does that, certainly not any band that has to go out on the road
> and tour for more than the usual few weeks across the country.

They really didn't have a huge tour schedual when it comes right down to
There are plenty of good bands that release an album a year. Matter of
Sloan themselves said their goals were to put out an album a year.

> Maybe you're just tired of the band. There's nothing wrong with that. I
> don't think that the majority of the people out there feel the same way
> about this time-lapse situation as you do, and they will probably show that
> when the album comes out early next year.

Maybe the majority of people dont feel the same way. But what if? ;)

> Plus, believe it or not, Sloan probably know what they're doing. It's not
> like they're a bunch of bumbling idiots who happen to stumble into
> fortunate situations. I'm sure that there are sound reasons, probably
> professional and personal, behind everything that they do.


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