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halifax shows coming up...

tonight Mon Dec 22 at reflections (advance tickets $5 at HMV or 
Reflections with food donation)
  the annual winter benefit concert with members of plumtree, thrush 
hermit,the vees, sloan, rebecca west, cool blue halo, rome plows, soaking 
up jagged, ornamental elephant...  its being hosted by sandy of the 
secret band & there will be at least 1 production number I'm told. 

Coming up: new year's eve: return of flashing lights at mokka
           somewhere around jan3- bands fr moncton at the playhouse- this 
             is being organized by the same people who promoted the 
             thrush hermit show, in association with heather of tally-
             chinstraps, julie doiron, soaking up jagged, moonsocket/OJ?
           jan6 - soundstage masquerade- rome plows,thrush hermit-$15st/$30

2 events over the weekend that you'll never see on mucheast-
-Allages punk rock show featuring former cafe ole bands in a dartmouth 
church basement last sat night- curious as to how it went, anyone go?
-Practice space show last sat night (12:45am -3am)- SUJ- bass player 
absent, charles austin (with head down in tense concentration) carries 
melody on guitar, mitchel intentionally falls down while gripping megaphone &
muttering something about wallpaper- the 70s basketballshirt-sporting 
Rick of the Skins- see them & see them now while they're more amazing 
than ever, sign them & sign them now if you have the power! But leave 
them here b/c I cannot do without them.             -k

  "Its so good to be playing in my hometown"
      -Sarah Maclachlan at a show in Vancouver last summer (so why is she
        nominated for an ECMA? Oh , I forgot. The ECMA's are a joke)