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Re: Sloan waning attention

<< when their new album does come out, they'll have a bit more competition
 for the esteemed title of "my favorite band". Which really doesn't
 matter if it's just me. But if alot of others feel the same way, it
 could unfortunately hurt them. Sorry guys. >>

That is unlikely to hurt Sloan, unless you mean hurt their feelings or
Presuming you mean hurt them careerwise, let's say everyone who currently
considers Sloan their favorite band suddenly does not and instead gets all
crazy over another band, like Candy Butchers or something.  Ok, so all these
kids are running around, buying up all CB rarities, going to all their
concerts, etc.  
Finally the new Sloan album _NY Girls Rock_ or some such title, comes out.  Do
all the kids not buy it?  No, everyone still buys it, even if the are now
Candy Butchers' #1 fans.  Do they hear this record and think "Hey, this is
amazing, but I think I won't see Sloan play live, since they are not my
favorite?"  No.  If we all just went out and saw our favorite band, we'd not
go to many shows, and just think how boring that would be.  So barring some
unforseen disaster, like a member going on a murderous rampage or getting a
mullet haircut, it's probably safe to assume they'll still have a busloads of
fans.  Uh oh....