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Re:Sloan waning attention

cowbell\!/atcon.com wrote:

>In terms of the Sloan release, it has been stated that it will be out
>around the end of spring, 1998, which puts it exactly two years since OCTA
>(actually about a month earlier than 2 yrs). This is in keeping with all
>their previous releases, all of which have been two years apart. It's not
>like they want to keep everyone waiting, hyped with anticipation, they have
>been touring and writing and recording just like any other band. Your post
>seems to imply that they are somehow trying your patience. 

Pretty much. But i dont think "Trying my patience" is the right wording.
More like they're starting to take a back seat to other bands at the
moment. Sure, their songs are great, but just like any album - there
a point where you love it so much and you've listened to it so much that
you don't want to hear it anymore. So if that particular band doesnt
anything for a while you test out more  bands to satisfy you. I don't
that Sloan is intentionally taking their time just to bug me, no. But
I'm trying to say, and what bugs me, is quite the oposite. That I don't
that they're taking so long 'cause I'm focused on other bands right now.
when their new album does come out, they'll have a bit more competition
for the esteemed title of "my favorite band". Which really doesn't
matter if it's just me. But if alot of others feel the same way, it
could unfortunately hurt them. Sorry guys.


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