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Re: Ottawa show (Cheticamp)

bonjourno all...

> would go with me, and the second time that he hasn't been there.  So does
> he still play with the Sadies ever, or does he just hate Ottawa =)?
As far as I know (and I don't know much :) ) Andrew Scott has been a 
regular member of the Sadies, except that darn OTHER group he's in 
(Slow-one or something... I hear they're not that bad...) is/was 
recording so he couldn't leave his duties.  Or at least that's what I've 
been brainwashed to believe ;)

> Actually, I'm wondering if the Cave is doing some false tricky advertising
> - it tried to bring more of a crowd in with the promise of an "Ottawa
> superband featuring members of Sloan, Superfriendz, the Vees, Jale (umm,
> redundant?!), Phonocomb" and those brothers that are in the Sadies. 
"Ottawa superband"?  Who was that??  Anyhoo, ex-Super Friendz = Cheticamp 
drummer Dave Marsh.  Refer to your copies of _Mock Up, Scale Down_ for 

Maybe they should have billed Cheticamp as a band that HAS featured members 
of Sloan, Super Friendz, jale, Vees, Phono-Comb, Thrush Hermit, Flashing 
Lights, Maker's Mark.... :)

Hey, did anyone else catch the Inbreds on the Open Mike Show on the 
Comedy Network last Thursday?  They perfomed "Wanna Be Your Friend", with 
Matt Murphy on guitar.  They sounded okay, but Mike's voice went off a 
couple times.  It's a cute song and all, but I wanted to hear something 
else off the album.  And I didn't think Matt's voice blended exceptionally 
well with Mike's though.  (complain complain complain.  I think it has to 
do with me failing my last exam today, and missing seeing Sloan in TO 
tomorrow.  I'm a bomb ready to explode, I tell ya.)

				...sizzle teen 


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