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Re: Ottawa show

I went to the Cheticamp and Sadies show on Friday night, and it was really
good.  It was the first time Cheticamp had ever played in Ottawa, and the
first time that I had ever seen them, and I was really impressed.  And,
really, I don't normally like the instrumental stuff that the Sadies play,
but it was sort of a good soundtrack to my night out with my friends.
I'm going to have to stop using the Andrew Scott trick though.  That's the
second time that I said that he'd probably be there so that my friends
would go with me, and the second time that he hasn't been there.  So does
he still play with the Sadies ever, or does he just hate Ottawa =)?
Actually, I'm wondering if the Cave is doing some false tricky advertising
- it tried to bring more of a crowd in with the promise of an "Ottawa
superband featuring members of Sloan, Superfriendz, the Vees, Jale (umm,
redundant?!), Phonocomb" and those brothers that are in the Sadies.  Now
Phonocomb and the Vees, fine, I know who's who, but where were the Sloan
and Superfriendz members??