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RE: elevator through hell

From: 	Chris Taylor[SMTP:rocket\!/napan.com]
Sent: 	Tuesday, December 16, 1997 9:32 PM
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Subject: 	Re: elevator through hell

>        I also can't help but notice something else sort of interesting
>about that question, I'm not sure if Rick did or did not rename the band,
>but it's sort of interesting how one almost automatically assumes that 
>decision that happens in the band is made by Rick.  I'm not disagreeing 
>really, just pointing out an interesting little observation.  I think it's
>fair to say that Rick's influence in the band is well more than 33.3% when
>you see how he is basically the beans behind most of the songs, the
>recording, sounds, artwork, conceptual ideas, etc...

also, i first heard about the name change because someone mentioned a past
issue of a small newspaper/zine that did an interview with rick about
why he changed the name, so i guess it was his decision... anyway...



It was originally the name of Rick's solo porject when he was in Eric's 
Trip.  When Eric's Trip broke up, Rick continued with Elevator to Hell, 
adding new band member Tara White and former Eric's Trip drummer Mark