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Re: elevator through hell

At 02:48 PM 12/16/97 -0500, you wrote:
>why did rick rename the band to elevator through hell? anybody know?

        I believe around August someone else asked this question and the
response that came was that it was basically a decision meaning that the
band felt they were no longer destined for such an unhappy little spot,
instead they felt like they were simply passing through.  Also, I don't
think it was a name change, but more of a pseudo-identity for the band for
the one album, because they toured by the name Elevator to Hell this fall.  
        I also can't help but notice something else sort of interesting
about that question, I'm not sure if Rick did or did not rename the band,
but it's sort of interesting how one almost automatically assumes that ever
decision that happens in the band is made by Rick.  I'm not disagreeing with
really, just pointing out an interesting little observation.  I think it's
fair to say that Rick's influence in the band is well more than 33.3% when
you see how he is basically the beans behind most of the songs, the
recording, sounds, artwork, conceptual ideas, etc... 
        Elevator to Hell basically started out as Rick's personal project,
so now that he seems to have found himself a solid band to be playing in,
who am I to say that he can't have 100% control over his brainchid.  I find
myself thinking he same way, whenever I see anything happening in ETH I
automatically assume it was Rick's decision, interesting...