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attn st. john's-ers

thought some st. john's sloannet-ers might find this interesting:
there's a christmas superstore place where stokes and the army navy
store used to be on topsail road (next to dooley's) and they're selling
off atlantica-duckworth stuff for real cheap (cassettes 4/$5, cds
4/$8).  worth mentioning:  hardship post- hack ep (cass), lizband- six
songs ep (cass&cd), bung- whole (cass&cd), and lots of older local
stuff, and lots of other stuff.


*galore...zine of champions!*
*issue #2 out now*
*$2ppd/trade ($1 in st. john's)*
*dreams, essay by joshua dodge*
*interview with elevator to hell*
*record reviews, zine reviews*
*and lots more*
*email: away\!/nf.sympatico.ca*