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> > There is no east coast originality in her music.
> i am not sure what this means,
> but i thought that this was what most people
> are fighting against...especially the fiddle burners.
> people usually look at our region as the celtic center of
> the universe, but it reality there are a bunch of neat things
> going on...i.e. the local alternative comp REMNANTS has been spun on
> the John Peel Show (rakad ko) and Brave New Waves (stranger to julien).
> http://www.chatsubo.com/locals/crack
> East Coast music
> is not a sound, it is should be looked
> at as a diverse thing
> ....jazz, rap, rock, celtic, swing, dance, punk, whatever.
> The problem is, people are just spoutin' off trying to
> suppress the music they hate, instead of spending more
> time promoting the things they enjoy!

I realize that east coast music is not a sound but it just seems to ME
that most of the bands, regardless of what genre their music is, still
have this unique sound that isn't found elsewhere. I think what I was
really trying to say is that she's not part of the east coast SCENE and
therefore should not be nominatted. Does that make more sense?

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