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The ecma's are an annoying scam at best. I could care less about who 
they award shit to. They totally lost all credibility last year when 
they gave Ashley MacIssac the hip hop award. I'd be awfully insulted 
if I were Six Too or Stinkin' Rich.  How is it that Sarah M. (from 
hali, living in V city for the last decade) and the Inbreds (From 
Ontario living in hali for the last couple years.) both be nominated? 
How can Sloan be nominated for song(s) and video(s) that were both 
released in 1996? 
At least the ecma's have that all to familiar ec smell. 
tourest to ns - "What's that stench?"
Local- "Oh , it's just the fish, the mudflats exposed at low 
tied, and the ecma's."