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On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Melissa Agnew wrote:

> They are also going to be performing at the show. Sarah McLachlan got
> the most nominees. Does anyone else think this is totally unfair?

the ecma probably think that this gives them a good international
content...she was high atop the billboard charts and the lillith fair
thing was a big story (and probably a great show, but like you said, they
didn't bring in here!)

whether people like her or not, more people will 'tune in' with her being
involved and when sloan wins, more people will know...sort of a trickle
down effect.

so, the major complaint would be that her nominations are taking the place
of some other hard working east coaster...but i don't think you people
should worry to much about that. it would just end up going to a Cape
Bretoner anyway ;)

[people without senses of humour...flame on!]

> There is no east coast originality in her music.

i am not sure what this means,
but i thought that this was what most people
are fighting against...especially the fiddle burners.
people usually look at our region as the celtic center of
the universe, but it reality there are a bunch of neat things
going on...i.e. the local alternative comp REMNANTS has been spun on
the John Peel Show (rakad ko) and Brave New Waves (stranger to julien).

East Coast music
is not a sound, it is should be looked
at as a diverse thing
....jazz, rap, rock, celtic, swing, dance, punk, whatever.
The problem is, people are just spoutin' off trying to
suppress the music they hate, instead of spending more
time promoting the things they enjoy!

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