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Sarah M.

I agree with you totally. To add another point:

she didn't even come down here AT ALL this year! With Lilith Fair or her own
tour (which, btw she promised she would!)


ps  I still love her as an artist too, just not as someone who keeps their

>They are also going to be performing at the show. Sarah McLachlan got
>the most nominees. Does anyone else think this is totally unfair? I mean
>just because she is from here originally does not automatically make her
>an east coast artist. There is no east coast originality in her music.
>You know what I mean? It would sort of defeat the point of the ECMAs to
>have an artist nominated who doesn't even have that east coast sound.
>She doesn't even record or live here and she's been living in Vancover
>for years now. Anyway, I just had to bitch about this. Any thoughts?
>PS: I still think she's a great artist but she's just not east coast.
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