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Hey friends,

>  nominated for best alternative:  elevator to hell, the inbreds,
>  plumtree, julie doiron, and the super friendz

Kudos. They all deserve to be nominated.
>  oh yeah and sloan is nominated for best video and best single for
>  everything you've done wrong.

Sloan worshipping aside... Who else agrees that "everything you've 
done wrong" _is_ the best all-around song to come out of the 
Maritimes in the past year? I mean, think about it, it's catchy, it's 
interesting, it's shown mass appeal (I know that sounds odd in a 
medium that praises the indie way of recording/producing, but when 
you've got a good song, people are bound to notice... And let's face 
it, people did not start listening to this song because it was easy 
for the average Joe to play on guitar... I've yet to find someone who 
can follow me on even the basic chords, forget the 
let's-flub-this-one-and-see-what-happens variations on Bmaj7 and the 
coda), and we haven't grown bored of it, even if we've been bombarded 
by it ever since it first came out.

Bittersweet victories: My cousin-in-law J.P. Cormier gets nominated 
for best instrumentalist of the year (was it?) (Note: since J.P. is 
in no way an alternative artist, this cannot be considered 
name-dropping.), and the last time I saw him and his wife (my cousin) 
Hilda, they made me feel like I _was_ the average Joe on the street. 
Just because I said "hi" inside a fight, then tried to say I was 
sorry for walking in at the inopportune time. But then again, that's 
my problem, I shouldn't post it here, so forget I mentioned it. For 
those about to flame, we delete you.

Ah, well, back to mono (shows which Sloaner I prefer),
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)