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Re: OCTA in japan/Bill's-bored Music Awards

Hey friends,

Martha replies to my post:
> >Is Sloan really trying to get us to buy six copies of their OCTA
> >album? S;^D
> >Glen (aka Barney Rubble)
> >
> **only if you're a psycho-obsessed crazy fan ...

Or if you're suffering from post-Billboard-awards Syndrome. Last 
night was so disappointing, I almost refrained from ever buying a CD 
from a new act again. (Except Sloan, that is.) Anybody else watch 
that? And I thought the Grammys were bad. This was like, "These guys 
sold a whopping 5 million albums, whereas all the others only sold 2 
million, so we're gonna give _these_ guys an award!!!" And who could 
forget the award given to Elton John and Bernie Taupin, _not_ for 
writing a poignant song on the death of a legend, nor for playing it, 
but _selling_ 53 million copies of it, of which half are still in 
stores and warehouses! Sheesh. And a lifetime achievement award out 
to Garth Brooks? He's only been on the scene ten years. What, is he 

And after seeing Third Eye Blind's _terrible_ performance (and even 
more irritating "Look, Ma, I'm drunk" stance while accepting their 
award (Notice the flask?)), I was almost ready to only buy 
back-catalogue and indie. Or another two copies of OCTA (the Japanese 
version). (Did they also print vinyl? I already have the "Stood 
Up"/"Same Old Flame" vinyl, would I want second versions of the same 

And, as much as I'm a Partridge Family fan, I had to be disgusted 
when the ultra-hyped-up "special surprise performance" turned out to 
be David Cassidy singing "I Think I Love You". The way they made it 
sound, I thought they'd resurrected John Lennon or found Elvis 
Presley alive, well, and ready to take to the stage. (Anyone see the 
big inflated ball hit the side of his head?)

The only kudos for last night were Aerosmith, who were wise enough 
_not_ to play inside, where technical difficulties plagued every 
"live" band into giving a rotten performance. Steven's nose dive into 
the pool, only to be seen grinning underwater, was proof the band 
still has their sense of humour and extravagance. That and Biggie 
Smalls (aka The Notorious B.I.G.)'s mama and daughter taking the 
stage to accept his posthumous award.

Humouristic moments: Busta Rhymes almost shocking Wayne Newton with 
his mic'ed scream, Usher angrily cooing into the podium microphone 
(since no one had given him a mic in which to sing), then decides to 
"f*** it" and dance instead, turning _exactly_ when a hand pops a 
legit mic in front of his face ( Thank Heavens they did give him one, 
maybe that stopped him from going further than dropping down to his 
boxers. Passe.), and the aforementioned David Cassidy head-bop.

Question: if anyone else was watching this show, can you tell me (if 
you know) just _who_ was the lady Sheryl Crow was seated with? (In 
case you don't know who I'm talking about, this is the same girl 
David Cassidy came down to serenade, with an amused Sheryl looking 
on.) Please don't tell me another of my female idols is... Just who 
am I supposed to have a crush on these days? Rita MacNeil?

Next time I walk into the store, I'll be looking for Sloan... and 
Frank Zappa. There's a mighty pile of albums in his back-catalogue 
I'm interested to get of late.

Ah, well, sorry for the long post,
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)