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Re: OCTA in japan

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, **shawn morris** wrote:

> The two songs are reworked versions of 'Same Old Flame' and 'Stood Up'.
> Stood Up reworked in *much* better, but 'Same Old Flame' is better on the
> 7" (IMHO). The CD also comes w/ the lyrics, but they aren't completely
> correct, as far as I can tell....

they screw up the lyrics to the most straight-forward seeming songs, yet 
unexplainably, i think andrew scott's songs are the only ones with no 
errors in translation whatsoever...and his songs are usually a bit 
off-kilter as it is.
oh well...let's hear it for chris murphy "defying shaving cream" ;)

as far as i can tell, the new versions of "stood up" and "same old flame" 
are just leftovers from the "one chord..." sessions. i like them better 
than the versions on the 7".