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Cafe Ole's Last Show

Better late then never. Even though this happened a week ago, I figured 
that I would give the lowdown. (Even though I don't think too many people 
are interested..)
Anyways, the show got started around 6:00 pm to accommodate the lengthy 
bill (I think I counted 10 bands). Each band played a short set for the 
same reason. The pop bands alternated with the punk bands to make 
everyone in the crowd happy. There was also only a short amount of time 
between bands (as opposed to the usual 30 min.) A pretty large crowd 
showed up, but I'm sorry to say that I've seen larger (especially when 
Gob came to town). All in all it was quite a happy show (which I didn't 
expect), and I finally got a chance to see the Chitz. I'm not sure 
exactly what time the show ended, but I managed to squirm my way out of 
there by 10:20, while many people stayed behind for a huge group hug.
To any Haligonians who didn't take the time to go and support Cafe Ole in 
it's last few days: Shame on you! To all who came (especially the college 
crowd on the 28th): hats off to you.
If anyone regrets missing out: fear not, there is going to be a benifit 
show on Dec.13 in the McInnes room. $8 in advance, $10 at the door

*note...this is Chrissy's brother...she didn't finish this email..she 
will later*