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Sadies/Cheticamp tour and other schtuff!

hey kids,
	Just a reminder for those of you who did't see Poster Girl Carol's
(aka Sizzleteen) post on tour dates.

	 the Sadies/ Cheticamp tour dates are as followed
 Cheticamp (without the Sadies)
 Tues.  12/9  Toronto  Horseshoe Tavern  19+  Free!!!!!   CFNY New Music

 Cheticamp with the Sadies
 Fri.  12/12 Ottawa   The Cave  19+

 Sat.  12/13 Montreal  Jailhouse Rock  18+

	And for those of you who couldn't make it out to Cheticamp's
release party you missed a good show.  Cheticamp played to a packed Rivolo
this past Friday and won over many in attendance.  For those of you in
the Toronto area and of legal drinking age, you'll get another chance and
can get your fix of Cheticamp for FREE (yes FREE) tomorrow at the
Horseshoe. Poster Girl Carol will be on hand selling merch and giving out
autographs ( but no pictures puh-leeze! ;-) )

	However, Poster Girls Kelly and Julie will be tearing their hair
out with final papers and exams instead of partaking in the festivities.
A full posted report would be gladly appreciated by the both of us as a
consolation prize.

	That's it for now.  But for more news you can check out our new 
web page and also get more info about how to subscribe to our mailing list
(in which the December-premier issue is out!) at