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Re: ET's Close Your Eyes

On Sat, 6 Dec 1997, Andre Muise wrote:

> Hey, I am even now listening to * Close Your Eyes *  by Eric's Trip, 
> taken from "long days ride 'till tomorrow".  And on headphones for a 
> change.  Which leads me to my discovery.  Julie's is on two channels. 
>  On the right, we get Julie's really intense exhortation to shut 'em 
> already, and on the left, very faintly, we can occasionally hear 
> Julie muttering out lyrics.  It's beautiful actually.

I seem to remember somebody a long time ago (maybe a year or two ago) 
recomending that we all listen to Eric's Trip on headphones.  I still
haven't done it, but a friend tried it, and started raving about how much
of a genius Rick White was afterwards.  Apparently there's quite a bit of
stereo trickery going on in almost all of their releases, that is only
perceivable on phones.