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Re: $27.50

>  our lady peace has decided they have reached superstar status and
> are charging that very price for their kingston show in january.  our lady
> peace + age of electric = $30?  

I wouldn't pay $5 to see this shitty show. I'd rather pay five 
bucks to go see a junior high school stage band play Disney medlies.
It's nice to see someone raking  it in though. That ticket price 
should also save less fortunate people a lot of misery.

Did sloan ever charge this price? What do these bands have to do w/ 
AM, FM stereo, 
Turntable's made out of gold,
To replace his high-fi 8-track
that was 17 years old.
The speakers they stood 8 feet high,
they'd make'em the worlds most popular guy,
The limit was the sky!
   -Thrush Hurmit (circa '91)