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Julie Doiron/Wooden Stars/Snailhouse..beautiful.

   this friday, in Ottawa all the above played an aa/19+ show at the SAW
gallery.. and it was beautiful..Mike from Wooden Stars did his solo thing
called Snailhouse.. he was really tired and by the end he got the rest of
Wooden Stars to come up and help him finish up with "plans" and then they
played a song off the new 12"... his old cd is excellent and i hope the
new one will be out soon. it's very close to being finished. 

Next up was Julie Doiron, and after seeing it I think that Julie with the
Wooden Stars backing her up is heavenly. Her singing has really matured,
and combined with the melodies of the wooden stars.. wow.. it was the most
beautiful show i've been to. I wish they would record something together...
which comes to my request, did anyone tape any of the shows on their tour?
I would love to have a copy of this amazing combo. so if anyone is willing
trade or stuff please contact me. and thanks to Sarah&Katie who helped put on
the show...


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