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The Vehicles Invisible

Since the list has been quite slow lately i'd like to take the chance to
tell everyone about a band in my area that i think are really great. I live
in michigan and i know thats not exactly east-coast but i figure most people
on this list have similar tastes in music so you might like them as much as
i do. (They've played with Elevator to Hell and Julie Doiron and the Wooden
Stars recently, so there's some EC content.) 
The Vehicles Invisible are a 4 piece from the Detroit area, seemingly
influenced by erics trip, the swirlies, and elevator to hell but with a
sound of their own. They've just released a new 10 song casette called To
Get to the Other Side filled with strong rhythms and beautiful boy/girl
vocals on Darling Records. If you want to know more about the Vehicles
Invisible i'd be happy to tell you more, or you can write to them at 
The Vehicles Invisible
(Tony, Chelsea, Eugene, Mike)
2816 Grayson
Ferndale, MI  48220  USA

The casette is also available from the above address for $5.00 US or $6.00
CAN, postage paid. thanks.


ps/is the mail strike over yet?