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The Vees

I saw the Vees play on Wednesday night at the Mill Street Entry in
Pontiac.  The place was full, but only about 6 of us actually came to see
them play, the rest of the crowd payed no attention.  Due to a
mis-communication, they got on late and only had time fo like 5 or 6
songs.  Still, they rocked the house.  They played Vees stuff, "True What
You Say", and some other stuff that I didn't recognize.  They sounded real
good.  Jenny said that things are going well.  I met some Sloanneters.
A good time was had by all.

Jason's Toe Tapping Song Picks of the Moment
1. "Don't Change" - INXS
2. "Fifteen" Moonsocket 
3. "Smoke" Eric's Trip 
4. "Emmaline" Ben Folds Five
5. "I'm the Ocean" - Neil Young