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3 things in one..

hey folks..

1. Flashing Lights:  damn.  They're good.  It's like an extention of the 
Super Friendz, but not quite.  The songs were of a more "danceable" vein, 
a Yarbirds/Kinks/etc. tinged sound, which Matt was aiming for.  I was 
hoping they would suck so I could say the Super Friendz were way better, 
but...  *sigh*  Matt writes good songs.

2. Chris Trowbridge failed to mention that at the same Rivoli show on 
Dec. 5 headlined by the Sadies, Cheticamp (featuring Mike Belitsky of the 
Vees) are opening. :)  (Mr. Scott of Crappo/Sadies has played guitar for 
Cheticamp in the past...)  On the Cheticamp note, they're also playing at 
the Horseshoe Tavern on Tues. Dec. 9 (free!), and in Montreal on the 13th 
at Jailhouse Rock.

3. Possibly of interest to many of you.. the postal strike in Canada is 
still on, but the federal government will be passing back-to-work 
legislation in the next week (i.e. forcing striking postal workers to 
return to work), but postal workers may not necessarily obey the law....

			...sizzle teen

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