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Halifax's #1 Band - The Deadly Snakes

	The Deadly Snakes who once played in North America's undisputed #1 rock
town, HALIFAX (token East Coast content), will celebrate their CRAZY MONEY
7" release with a brawl at the Club Shanghai (where SLOAN once played
[really thin-ice East Coast reference]) in Chinatown, T.O. on Saturday,
Dec. 6. Crazy-ass homeless transvestites High School Hooker open the show.
I'm going to DJ some sweet soul music so people can dance. The Toronto
Western Hospital at Bathurst and Dundas is the closest medical facility. 
	By the way, check out the fabulous Sadies (featuring Andrew Scott of
Crappo on drums) at the Rivoli on Friday, Dec. 5. They'll also be backing
up the illustrious Ms. Neko Case on a few dates in Toronto and Chicago in
December, so look out.
	While I'm abusing Sloan-net for Crazy Money purposes (and what nobler
purposes could one want?), please e-mail me to join The Crazy Money Fun
Club whereby we send you a newsletter and e-mail bulletins about our nutty
schemes. The Crazy Money web-site should be up and running (lame Token E.C.
reference) in a few days, so e-mail me for directions. 
	Sorry if this is completely inappropriate. Sue me.

 If you've scrolled this far you might be interested in my personal Top Ten
for this week, though I doubt it:

1. Look at that Girl - Otis Redding (from the under-rated Love Man LP)
2. The Oblivians - 9 songs w/ Mr. Quintron (punk rock Tom Waits with soul
and no goddamn irony)
3. Mary, Mary - the Monkees (later appropriated by RUN DMC)
4. Get Back - Al Green (the Rev. transforms The Beatles' druggy classic
into a swingin' prayer on his FIRST ALBUM!)
5. The East Side Sound - Best of East L.A. Rock and Roll (Dionysus Records)
- Chicano party rock from Cannibal & The Headhunters, Thee Midnighters et al
6. Salesman - The Mayles Bros. (creepy documentary about 60's Bible
salesmen from the boys that brought you Cocksucker Blues)
7. The Animals - River Deep, Mountain High (despite some unintentional
stoner hilarity, it's better than the Ike & Tina original, I swear!)
8. Stevie Wonder - I Was Made To Love Her LP (my favourite of the early
Motown albums - worth it for "Every Time I see you I Go Wild" alone)
9. Ann Peebles - Part-time Love/Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
(nobody sings as enthusiastically about adultery as Ann Peebles)
10. The Deadly Snakes - Real Rock & Roll Tonight/How Long Do You Keep A Man
7" on Crazy Money Records, of course...