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Re: Julie played Buffalo

> julie got up alone to start playing about 5 or 6 songs solo.  then the
> Wooden Stars joined her.  I tell ya, the Wooden Stars are super. totally.
> they didn't play the back up like it is on "lonliest in the morning", but
> they played it in a wooden stars way.  the bass player took turns at bass,
> keyboard, and a set of toms.  when he got on those toms, he and the drummer
> made an great combo.   all while julie played her part.  before the show,

This is what The show was like at the on music festival on Sep. 
Probably my highlight of the whole deal, Tied with the new sloan 
songs. Makes for a great tape too : )

AM, FM stereo, 
Turntable's made out of gold,
To replace his high-fi 8-track
that was 17 years old.
The speakers they stood 8 feet high,
they'd make'em the worlds most popular guy,
The limit was the sky!
   -Thrush Hurmit (circa '91)