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TC & sellouts

 Well I just bought the new Treble Charger today, I'll 
let you guys know if I think they sold out or not.
About the distrobution thing: I don't think that an 
independent label losses any indie cred points for 
being distributed by a major. All it does is make their
CD's more readily available to the public. To my 
knowledge the indie is still in charge of who they 
sign, what discs they put out and when, and are also
in charge of the promotion for said albums. As stated,
the warner-subpop thing probubly works slightly 
differently, but I'd wager not by much. France, Joyce,
any thoughts?
As for the whole sellout thing, I'm reminded of a quote
made by C.B.'s own Michelle Jarrett "we just kept 
writing songs until the A&R guy liked them". That,
my friends, is the DEFINITION of selling out.
Needless to say, michelle hasn't really been heard from
since. Probubly because she sucks!

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