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Re: RadioSonic

Hi friends,

-the show is so dull.
> like that night they discussed fleetwood mac's comeback, trying to figure
> out why. THE QUESTION WAS NEVER ANSWERED! it was then that i gained the
> power to turn the radio OFF. 

I was also listening to that show that night, and I found _I_ 
_MySeLf_ knew more about Fleetwood Mac than both combined! They 
messed up their information on some of Fleetwood Mac's most important 
events/albums (I can't remember exactly what, but I think they even 
messed up on _which_ album was the last one with Lindsey 
Buckingham!). I stayed tuned because I love Fleetwood Mac and 
wanted to hear the songs being played (Honestly, they get almost no 
exposure on radio anymore...), even if the hosts of the show sounded 
like they had no clue on what they were talking. It's like if two of 
us decided to debate about what made Sloan click on national radio.

And they sound so stiff! It's a music show, not a news programme!
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)