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Re: The Sellout thread

> I can see how buyouts, like Warner-SubPop, and Columbia/Sony-Matador, but
> I really have trouble believing that distribution affects the artistic
> aspirations of a label...

In the case of Sub Pop, the only implication of Warner buying the 
company was that Sub Pop now had money to do more stuff, but they 
were never forced to conform. In fact, when the word from the offices 
was to release Eric's Trip "Soon, coming closer" in remixed form as 
the first single from "Purple Blue", at the insistence of the band 
(or Rick, depending from whom you hear the story), it was vetoed and 
"Sun Coming Up" was chosen instead. Apparently, the word from Sub Pop 
was "We're not gonna force you, we just think that 'Soon, coming 
closer' could really sell albums for you guys, but if you don't want 
to, that's cool."

If most labels buy indie labels, but leave the indie labels to their 
own business, there's really no difference at all, apart from the 
major labels making more money.

Ah, well,
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)