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Julie played Buffalo

this past sunday night, Julie Doiron(she pronounced it doy-ron) played at
Stimulance cafe in buffalo.

julie got up alone to start playing about 5 or 6 songs solo.  then the
Wooden Stars joined her.  I tell ya, the Wooden Stars are super. totally.
they didn't play the back up like it is on "lonliest in the morning", but
they played it in a wooden stars way.  the bass player took turns at bass,
keyboard, and a set of toms.  when he got on those toms, he and the drummer
made an great combo.   all while julie played her part.  before the show,
mike from the wooden stars said that he was out on the side walk and someone
drove past and screamed wooden stars! out of their car window......he got
really excited, but it turned out to be a fan on their way to the show.
heheheh.  anyone else see any of her shows????