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Re: RadioSonic

> >        Also is it just me or is RadioSonic a total dissapointment?  I had
> >
yes, it is. i think it's because realtime was more of a party
atmosphere..interative and perfect for us non-going-out-on-saturday-night
people. radiosonic seems distant--amazing, considering it's done in
vancouver (my locale)! it's not as urgent anymore--i don't think it's
because on some saturdays i have places to go now--the show is so dull.
like that night they discussed fleetwood mac's comeback, trying to figure
out why. THE QUESTION WAS NEVER ANSWERED! it was then that i gained the
power to turn the radio OFF. 

i remember while i was outside at the sfz free show put on by realtime
waay back last november and i got a chance to talk to a cbc official. she
said that realtime and nightlines were cheap to produce and they'd be the
last to go. amalgamation wasn't the best thing. night lines should have
been kept separate from realtime and both should still be on the air
(although i must admit i'm enjoying radio escapade). 

nuts and gum are good--separately, not together at last.
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