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Re: Sellouts and RadioSonic

> i agree with you that treble charger changed their music a bit when
> going to the major label but not too much, when they went to the major
> the had the ability to produce what they thought to be a better quality
> of music. 

obviously we disagree so it's a moot point to argue, but my reasons 
for saying it is not as good an album is that the music seems to 
lacjk the heart of, say, their first album. I guess part of this is 
just a natural reaction to success - Guided By Voices, for example, 
have lost the kind of homegrown "music for the sake of music" feeling 
they had in the past since they went for a cleaner sound.....I still 
love them, and Mag Earwhig is a great album, but it just isn't as 
good as something like Bee Thousand. 

> Sloan changed about the same for twice removed (on a different
> level of course) creating a beautiful although different sound. 

I don't really see the comparison between that and Treble 
Charger....with twice removed, sloan just went in a completely 
different direction and came up with an amazing album....TC on the 
other hand just  buttered up the same style to make it more appealing 
to a general audience

> rereleasing red because they love the song and want it to get more
> exposure, they lost the original tapes and had to record it over. I
> don't think you can "slag" them too badly because they want to get "red"
> exposed now that they have enough money to promote it properly

i would agree if they had merely released the song to a small local 
area or something, but they had alreayd gone full out on it by 
making a video (which got considerable airplay on Much considering) 
and pushing the song to the best of their abilities at the time. the 
only advantage i can see by rereleasing it is making more money and 
having a chance of it being on the countdown or something