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a Long rant about treble charger

>  while a band like treble charger goes to a 
> major and is slagged. I think treble charger deserves it somewhat, 

I am in total agreement with this statement...my reasons are:

1) maybe it's me in my opinion is over-produced... it's not a really crappy
album, but let's face it, it's the kind of sound that sells to the
masses... whatever reason they had for making it thus... it is a notable

2) they kicked out morris palter.... for whatever reason, and created a
scandal around themselves.... they did NOTHING to explain this action to
their fans...  i'm sorry but when morris goes to the press screaming bloody
murder, and all you have to say for yourself is "creative differences" i
think you have some explaining left to do.

3) re-releasing red, is contreversial, of course... but um if it's not for
the money, what's it for?  they say "it's a good song that hasn't had it's
fare shake yet"  well it got LOTS of rotation on much, and lots of airplay
on cfny,  i guess that isn't good enough... can we say egotistical?   it's
not like they  don't have lots of other good songs they could make money
off of.  They let BMG talk them into using this one... BMG wanted it, and
they bowed down and handed it over willingly.    (see an ?access? article
from the summer, where bill describes the decision making process for
re-releasing red if you dissagree)

4) they contradict themselves in the press.... constantly.... a band that
origionally painted a picture of very clear musical ideals and ethics....
quickly detiorates into a muddled mush of abiguity.  as far as i can see,
as soon as fans began to mutter when they signed... they said "fuck it,
lets just do whatever we want"   from that point on they became incredible
hypocrites.     If they had never promoted themselves on the basis of thier
indie cred in the first place, i would not have a problem with this.  but
they said "we dont' want people to find out about us from fancy adds in
newspapers" an actual quote, 1 month after they signed... there were the
fancy adds in newspapers..... that is a small and rather insignificant
example, but it gives the general idea.    i could give you about a billion
of these what they "said" vs. what they "did", and while i realize that
advertising is pretty much a given when you sign etc...  Why did they go
around saying things like that, if they intended to sign eventually all
along?  it gives a false impression, it is hypocritical, it makes them a
joke, in my not so humble opinion.

5) when people really started to cry sellout, they did a rather lame job of
defending themselves.... dilly dallying between "well then screw you" and
"oh my gosh we didn't mean to!"  giving a mixed message of disappreciation
to the very fans who got them where they were.   I think that was rather
badly planned and innapropriate.   If they had really tried, they could
have redeemed themselves in a more dignified manner... but they had new
fans, so they didn't need them anymore.

yeahh so they're human, they make mistakes, they screw up, they're not

 they are also perhaps sellouts.... but more-so hypocrites.....big

and therefore i deem them unworthy of my patronage.

the reason no one does this  for many other bands, is that they are not so
stupid, they maintain their crediblilty because they do not contradict
themselves so immensly, nor in such fundamental ways.


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