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The Sellout thread

Hello All
        It is I who started the Sellout discussion.  I realize now that
using the word sellout probably wasn't the best word to use as that was not
really the point I was trying to get across.  I used that word to get your
attention.  My point was that even though some bands are on majors they are
still adored by zinesters all over and zines are usually the teritory of indie.
        I also found an interesting article in a zine called Conformist that
I thought many may find interesting.

Indie Labels That Ain't Indie Labels

These Labels are distributed by A.D.A. (Alternative Distribution Alliance),
which is owned by Atlantic/Warner:

4ad, atlantic, beggers banquet, dali, elektra, hollywood, interscope, k,
Matador, luaka bon, mechanic/futurist, medicine, mute, reprise, restless,
seed, sire, slash, sub pop, twin tone, warner brothers, will.

These labels are distributed by relitivity, which is owned by Sony:

Albertine, bib/unsigned, capricorn, century media, cherrydisc,
circunstantail, coolecter series, continuum, c.z., daemon, earache, energy,
epitaph, guitar recordings, mammoth, mechanic/futurist, metal blade, moon,
nettwerk, november, nuclear blast/relapse, pavement, red light/grindcore,
relativity, relix, rex, roadrunner, rotten, shrapnel, southern studios,
stardog, street beat, thirsty ear, touch and go, triple x, tristar, turbo,
world domination.

There is a bunch that EMI owns but I thought that most were to obscure.  I
hope you found that interesting.  It is not meant to be a Major bash but
rather educational.  I like many major label bands (Weeping Tile, Spirit of
the West, Delerium + many of our east coast favs.) so please don't classify
me as a Indie eletist.  You can gladly call me a basicly Canadian band
buying person though.  I have a limited budget and I feel better supporting
Canadian bands although I do have some foriegn cds.

                        Always have fun,
                                Jamie McDonald