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Just once in my old-ass, lame-o life, I'd love to hear a discussion on
"Selling Out" started by people who had to make a ethical choice in THEIR
careers that wasn't about whether to use Paper or Plastic.

9 times out of 10 every rant about Evil major labels originates from
someone living with their mom and dad, a location about as removed from
day-to-day reality as being on Mir.

Sorry. But Goddman, are the bands we like supposed to work crappy day jobs,
put their stuff out indie, get dicked around by record shops, have to
randomly e-mail for a floor to crash on for tour support, and do mail order
themselves? Or can they just say "Screw it, I'm an artist, and let someone
else handle this mind-numbing, energy sucking shit." A lot of bands don't
sign to get rich, they sign to get a modicum of support so they can focus
on what they love and are good at. I would not want this to be taken as a
statement against Indie labels, or the DIY ethic -- going indie is a good
thing, a noble thing, and a tough thing -- one which a band should have the
option of moving past without being regarded as pariahs by the
self-righteous and unaware.

Regards, that old Mean guy,

James Rocchi

P.S. "Maybe it's Me" is an okay album. Not great. But you know what? A band
has Years and years to write thier first album -- and six months to write
the second. Giordano's production is a good fit, the vocals are better, the
writing is cleaner, leaner, and neater, and if you had written a song as
good as "Red" you'd put it on your international major-label debut as well.
But I seriously doubt you'll ever have to make that kind of choice.