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Re: Sellouts and RadioSonic

>        Also is it just me or is RadioSonic a total dissapointment?  I had
>high hopes but it appears that they now only play a fraction of the Canadian
>indie stuff that Realtime did.  I always listened to Realtime but RadioSonic
>doesn't keep my interest at all.  The one car night was horrible, where they
>played any song about cars with the majority being 60's cheese.

RadioSonic is a super dissapointment.  One night I heard it, and they were
playing the Charlie Brown theme song, plus loads of really borring piano
tunes.  It could have been a Sunday afternoon jazz program.  Nothing against
jazz, John Coltrane is very cool.  Realtime is much more preferable to me.


Andrew Robinson, the guy who is absolutely sorry if he says something wrong.