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Re: Sellouts and RadioSonic

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, **shawn morris** wrote:

> Stereolab only released a handful of singles, two EP's, and did a singles
> comp all within the span of a year before signing there souls away. Which

point of order, stereolab are still on an indie label in all of europe, 
or at least an ostensible indie label.  Too pure.  they are distributed 
by elektra in the states, and god knows where else.  they are a "cred" 
signing for elektra, much in the same way sonic youth are for dgc - a 
band who is respected in the indie world enough so that elektra get cool 
points for having them on their label.  they still maintain and release 
things on their own label, duophonic, as well. i assume that they are a 
low priority for the label - that is, no one expects hem to make much 
money - but are also afforded a great deal more freedom than a cash cow 
would be.  sloan was expected to be a cash cow, they were signed not 
because of any status or cool factor they would've brought to dgc, but 
rather because they were expected to ride the grunge rock wave to sucess 
and make everyone oodles of cash.  needless to say, that has yet to happen.
stereolab (respected internationally), and sloan (hardly known outside of 
their home country) are completely different bands who exist in 
completely different strata of the music industry.  they were signed with 
completely different expectations by major labels and under completely 
different terms.  comparing one's position, or relative indie cred to the 
other is useless.  saying stereolab signed their souls away is ridiculous.