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Re: Sellouts and RadioSonic

Jason wrote:
> > from the subject of this message I get the feeling that you
> > are saying that Stereolab are sellouts.
> i don't think this is what he/she was saying at all (but i could
> be wrong).... i think they were instead wondering (not accusing) why
> it was that bands like sloan and sterolab can go to a major and
> maintain their credibility while a band like treble charger goes to a
> major and is slagged. I think treble charger deserves it somewhat,
> only because their music has been noticeably streamlined and watered
> down on their major debut. also they're re-releasing red??? with a
> new video and evrything.....what is that???I have nothing against
> majors in particular, but i do have a problem with bands going to a
> major and changing their music in order to sell more records...
i agree with you that treble charger changed their music a bit when
going to the major label but not too much, when they went to the major
the had the ability to produce what they thought to be a better quality
of music. Sloan changed about the same for twice removed (on a different
level of course) creating a beautiful although different sound. tc is
rereleasing red because they love the song and want it to get more
exposure, they lost the original tapes and had to record it over. I
don't think you can "slag" them too badly because they want to get "red"
exposed now that they have enough money to promote it properly. I
believe the main reason tc was criticized was when they kicked out their
first drummer Morris at the same time they changed labels.