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ughh I know!
I miss realtime SO much! radiosonic is the biggest dissapointment.
It has lame guests and the music just plain rots. (with very few exceptions
when they played the vees) I also miss the irc chat. I actually stayed in on
Saturday night (alright, who the hell am I kidding, I would have been in
anyway) to chat with Leora and the regulars. We actually had some input on
the show. Now it feels impersonal.
And it just rots.
And I'm still pissed about not winning at least one of the million prizes
given away last June....

ohh the cutbacks

>        Also is it just me or is RadioSonic a total dissapointment?  I had
>high hopes but it appears that they now only play a fraction of the Canadian
>indie stuff that Realtime did.  I always listened to Realtime but RadioSonic
>doesn't keep my interest at all.  The one car night was horrible, where they
>played any song about cars with the majority being 60's cheese.
>        Well I thought some might find this interesting.
>                        Always have fun,
>                                Jamie McDonald