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Re: Sellouts and RadioSonic

> from the subject of this message I get the feeling that you
> are saying that Stereolab are sellouts.

i don't think this is what he/she was saying at all (but i could 
be wrong).... i think they were instead wondering (not accusing) why 
it was that bands like sloan and sterolab can go to a major and 
maintain their credibility while a band like treble charger goes to a 
major and is slagged. I think treble charger deserves it somewhat, 
only because their music has been noticeably streamlined and watered 
down on their major debut. also they're re-releasing red??? with a 
new video and evrything.....what is that???I have nothing against 
majors in particular, but i do have a problem with bands going to a 
major and changing their music in order to sell more records...