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Sellouts and RadioSonic

Hello All

        I am was just thinking about a couple things and I was wondering if
anyone has the answer.  Why does it seem that some bands can jump to a major
label and still keep all the airs of being a cool indie band.  Two bands
like that Stereolab and our beloved Sloan?  Both are or baasicly still in
the majors.  (OCTA has MCA, universal now, stamped on and would not have
been able to reach the masses if it wasn't so Sloan is still basicly major
label)  Most bands that even try are laughed at, need I mention Treble
Charger?  I was wondering that and I thought others may be able to enlighten me.
        Also is it just me or is RadioSonic a total dissapointment?  I had
high hopes but it appears that they now only play a fraction of the Canadian
indie stuff that Realtime did.  I always listened to Realtime but RadioSonic
doesn't keep my interest at all.  The one car night was horrible, where they
played any song about cars with the majority being 60's cheese.
        Well I thought some might find this interesting.

                        Always have fun,
                                Jamie McDonald