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Re: Sellouts and RadioSonic

>i don't think this is what he/she was saying at all (but i could 
>be wrong).... i think they were instead wondering (not accusing) why 
>it was that bands like sloan and sterolab can go to a major and 
>maintain their credibility 

Should that be the case...I still don't see where they are coming from. I
don't think Stereolab or Sloan for that matter never really had "indie
cred" to begin with. Stereolab or Sloan didn't even really have the time to
build enough of a buzz behind the band name for them to even be noticed.
Stereolab only released a handful of singles, two EP's, and did a singles
comp all within the span of a year before signing there souls away. Which
is hardly enough time to build and lose "indie cred". As for Sloan, its the
same thing, release one EP, use the extra tracks recorded in that session
to make your debut major label album. What I'm trying to get at is, I
honestly don't think you can build "strong indie cred" within a year and be
considered a "sellout" for signing to a major. I think both Stereolab and
Sloan had the common goal of releasing music to as many people as possible,
and it so happens the most logical form of doing so is via  major labels. I
think if this wasn't the case, I think Stereolab would still be releasing
records on Duophonic and Too Pure, while Sloan would be still releasing
records on Murder minus the distrobution Universial. 


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