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Re: Sellouts and RadioSonic

First of all, from the subject of this message I get the feeling that you
are saying that Stereolab are sellouts. I have never read/heard once
Stereolab claiming that they were an 'indie' band. Does it really matter if
an album is released on a major label or independent label? I bet some of
the music you even listen to is partially funded by a major label,
INCLUDING Elevator To Hell and Julie Dorion. Both albums are on SUBPOP
which is owned by Warner Music (49% or 52%). Other labels in the same boat
include Matador, Alias, and many other "indie" labels. If you weren't too
bust noticing what label something was on, you might find some amazing
records that were released on majors. (My Bloody Valentine 'Loveless',
Drive Like Jehu 's/t' and 'Yank Crime', The Clash 'Combat Rock',
Spiritualized 'Ladies and Gentlemen....' + a million others)

>I always listened to Realtime but RadioSonic
>doesn't keep my interest at all.  The one car night was horrible, where they
>played any song about cars with the majority being 60's cheese.

I won't even get into this. 60's cheese? Learn your roots...

wondering why this comes up every month,