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Re: champs' label.

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, james covey wrote:

> the kingdom of god
> that's the name of their own little label.
> don't ask me why.

GOD001 - state champs "underclassed by excess" (CD). $8.00
atonal whammy bar assults.  somewhere between harvard and UNC. sometimes 
they sing, sometimes they mumble. lenola, swirlies, archers, etc. nicey, ya?

GOD002 - the art ensemble of halifax "(sub)field emissions" (cass.) $4.00
regressive: the old school of the avant. a live recording by j. lapointe 
mixed by the reclusive dino castenatti at etrean (upstairs). think albert 
ayler, think post-elvin coltrane, think dave holland, think about free 
music with a two drink minimum.

prices include shipping in canada, foreign dignataries must grease our 
palms with $1.00 tariff.

write to the kingdom of god:
 PO box 34082, scotia square RPO, halifax NS b3j 3s1 canada

coming soon: state champs remix record (remixes by dj moves, nick 
nonsense, praxis, stinkin' rich, sixtoo).  the icon series.  more of the 
hfx free jazz underground (oore, hudson, etc.).  lenola cassette 
(exclsive to us).  Raymond Brake 7".