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how soon we forget. (hermit+champs)

my little entry in the thrush hermit cred competition.

bryan adams.  "one night love affair."
rob benvie, stepping into the double deuce spotlight
at the edge of the stage, for the guitar solo.

i was there.

oh, and that ac/dc song was "highway to hell"
which joel plaskett was born to sing.

yes, the state champs have a CD out.
it's called _underclassed by excess_,
it's five spiffy songs, it fucking rules,
and i can take a more objective brand of
pride in this one 'cause i didn't have a
hand in putting it out.  :-)
they did this one on their own, and it's
the best thing they've done so far.

alright, the next thread will be
state champs covers.
who remembers matthew sweet?
never mind.


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