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Re: (State Champs)

> (what I heard) sounds good -- more of that pavement-ey stuff, sounds like
> it was recorded in 1993 (which, according to scietific fact, was the year
> indy-rock was perfected).  There's no mention of any label -- who put it
> out?
yes, it's a wicked CD....in fact (as much as i love EP's) every time 
i listen to it i wish there was more. yeah they still sound 
pavementish, but it's not like you can listen to a song and say like 
"that's a rip off of range life" or something....i think a lot of it 
is just the voice, which there's no way of getting away from. 
of course, i think one of the guys in Number One Cup sounds 
like malkmus too so what can you do....anyway as for a label, it says 
GOD001 on the side, but otherwise all it says is that it's published 
by no experimental proof music.