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Re: if you are bored TWIST with a TWIST

A Little off topic but....
Speaking of Thrush Hermit and covers, when I saw them play in Detroit last
spring they played "Open All Night" by Bruce Springsteen.
Is this a regular TH cover?  They seem to me like they would be big on
playing covers, (not because they lack talent, but rather because covers
are so fun to play)  Anyone else heard any other good TH covers?

P.S. - when's this postal strike going to end? It's really messing up my
Jason's Toe Tapping Song Picks of the Moment
1. "Sorry Part 2" Julie Doiron
2. "Fifteen" Moonsocket 
3. "Smoke" Eric's Trip 
4. "Emmaline" Ben Folds Five
5. "I'm the Ocean" - Neil Young