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I thought I fretted over Sloan...

Hi friends,

Something happened at work Saturday that stunned me. Oddly enough, it 
happened right after I was meekly mentioning how inferior I felt when 
I walked around with my black-on-yellow Sloan "Suzuki S" T-shirt 
ehile others have the "luxurious" blue-and-white shirts.

About a few minutes later, a young girl walks into the store, and 
after hesitating for a moment, catches me while I'm off to get a CD 
for someone: "Excuse me, but can I have your shirt?" I respond with a 
stunned "What?" She repeats her request, and I mention I'll get back 
to her after I find that particular CD for someone else.

Coming back to the young lady and her gang, she mentions, "I really 
love your T-shirt. I want it! I'll pay you for it!" After muttering 
the usual fare like "Well, I'm at work, I can't walk around 
bare-chested" and "This shirt means something to me", I give her the 
revelatory "Order one from Murderecords, they must still have some." 
Her reply: "They're too expensive." Turns out all she had to pay for 
the T-shirt she loved so was a stick of Blistik. I could've been 
insulted there if she'd left it at that, but then had the nerve to 
mention these harrowing lines, that would ignite the rage of any true 
blue Sloan follower:

"I bet you don't even like the band!"

I snapped back, which is normally unheard of in a retail store. For a 
second, both her gang and her thought they were in for it. Then I 
calmed down, regained my composure, and said, "Sorry, but I _am_ a 
Sloan fan."

Then came the part that kinda scared me. "Look, I've got all four of 
their home phone numbers, and I was supposed to get tapes of when 
they started playing together, before I moved. I'll trade ya!"

My sarcasm started to show when she asked, "Do you know any of the 
guys personally?" My weighted reply: "No, and I'm pretty sure they'd 
be annoyed if I did."

My point is this: if this little lady (who seemed so intent on 
getting everything Sloan) had all four home phone numbers, then how 
many else do? How many call these numbers (like those who called the 
phone numbers that appeared on the Beatles' later albums during the 
"Paul is Dead" craze) and basically annoy the boys in the band? 
Somehow, I don't find it reasonable to call up one's favorite group 
at their place just to chat and rant.

Somehow, it doesn't make sense,
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)