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Re: snailhouse/ snailhouse & wooden stars web pages

hello all..

Before I continue, here's a general plea for help: I'm working on web pages
for the Wooden Stars and Snailhouse, and contributions of photos, writings,
or whatever would be appreciated. Please email me. Thanks.

angela wrote:
>does anyone know what snailhouse has released, on what labels and
>whether any of it is sold out or not? thanks a lot...

Snailhouse has put out

- 'fine' - a full-length CD that came out on Lunamoth Records (which is
now defunct) in 1995

- a 7" single on Sappy with the songs 'Plans' and 'Have a good time'.

plus, he's now in the process of getting his new CD manufactured. It should
come out on Sappy soon (does anyone know when, exactly?) 

The album might be tough to find. Your best bet is at shows; the Wooden Stars
are now on tour with Julie Doiron, and they're selling copies of all their,
and his, releases. Otherwise, try writing him c/o 
9 Elizabeth St, 
J9H 1E6. 

The single is, as far as I know, still available from Sappy. 
They're both entirely worth tracking down.